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Singapore, May 2018 – In May 2018, GCBG moved its HQ back to Singapore. This is a homecoming of sort for the alliance as GCBG was formed and registered in Singapore back in 2009.

The decision to move the corporate HQ to Singapore was made during the AGM in London in 2017. The partners unanimously agreed with this strategic decision as it is a step forward for the alliance.

The current chairman and a founding member of the group, Mr. Nickson Cheng, CEO of Lingua Technologies International, Singapore, said: “Moving the HQ back to Singapore is a return to the roots of GCBG. The group is now in a position to review its past objectives and set future goals for the alliance. This will definitely open new doors for everyone involved.”

Mr. Tae Young Kwon, the CEO of Prolangs, South Korea, one of the founding members of GCBG said: “Not only is Singapore in a strategic position to coordinate activities amongst its members, it is also in a time-zone where it can communicate with all its members with ease. The financial and IT infrastructure in Singapore is also one of the best in the world making future transactions and communication seamless.”

Another founding member, Mr. Werner Lierz, the CEO of Kocarek, Germany, echoes the sentiments of the other members: “Since the inclusion of our Argentinian partner, Go Global Consulting, GCBG has spread its reach yet again, effectively covering almost all continents of the world. This move is not only strategic but also necessary.”

The CEO of NZTC International, New Zealand, Ms. Liz Seymour said: “We are all excited about how the move will change the dynamics of the alliance in a positive way. We are already working closely with the members from the alliance and we are quite sure that this strategic move will be a catalyst to future collaboration.”

The new kid on the block of the alliance, Go Global Consulting from Argentina is also in agreement with the move. Ms. Gabriela Rosello, CEO of Go Global Consulting said: “We are proud to be associated with GCBG and the location of the HQ of GCBG in Singapore will allow us to tell our clients of our representation in Asia. With the growth of Asia, this will be more than a plus point for all of us in the alliance.”

About GCBG
The Global Business Communications group (GCBG) is a joint venture business project initiated by five of the world’s most highly skilled and respected language translation and localization companies, each of whom is a market leader in their own diverse locations –Go Global Consulting (Argentina), Kocarek (Germany), Lingua Technologies International (Singapore), NZTC International (New Zealand) and Prolangs (Korea). For more information, please visit:


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