Specialist Industry Services

Specialist Industry Services

GCBG Mining and Resources Industry Translation Services

The extensive technical translation talent employed by GCBG and our certified translation processes are perfectly suited to the rigorous quality demands and high complexity of translation for mining and resources industry customers.

This is why GCBG and our translation facilities around the globe are trusted by leading mining and resources industry organisations, including work in Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

Having worked for the mining and resources sector for over 26 years, GCBG translators are very familiar with the activities and terminology employed within the industry, including:

  • Mining equipment including excavation, drilling, securing, ventilation, sealing, water control and exploration equipment.
  • Chemicals used for mining and other commercial applications
  • Mining explosives including initiating and blast based systems
  • Mining hazards and safety measures
  • Mining techniques including quarrying, strip, open cut, borehole, underground and other methods.
  • Geological studies and techniques
  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical, electrical and structural engineering
  • Information technology and software systems for the mining industry

Contact GCBG to find out more about our mining and resources industry translation services.


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