The best of both worlds? GCBG offers the power of 5!

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When GCBG was formed in 2009, the alliance’s idea WAS to combine the effort of smaller but reputable translation companies in different continents/countries to offer not just a more holistic service but also a new type of service that is in synch with the increasingly-borderless world in which we live in.

Businesses around the globe are faced with challenges never seen before in the past decades as lines between countries and continents blur as a result of technological advances.

Not only have products and services become more available all over the world, the speed at which such offerings are made available is also unprecedented.

This means if you are slow, in any way, someone will beat you to it.

But despite the technological advances, human beings are still largely behind these operations. And humans cannot operate 24/7 without making mistakes, without lapses in coverage.

This is where GCBG’s alliance comes in handy.

Spread over FIVE countries: Germany, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and UK, the alliance can cover your operations from the land of the first sunrise, New Zealand, to the original English speaking country that is Great Britain.

With a global turnover of USD20 million, a combined manpower of more than 200 full time employees, with over 5000 qualified linguists and members spread over five countries, GCBG is set to provide an almost 24 hours’ coverage to look after your localisation and translation needs.

Without losing their individuality and by taking full advantage of their local knowledge, GCBG has successfully, as an alliance, launched many multilingual services and products for many of their clients worldwide.

If you want to experience this dynamism, you have got to work with this amazing group.

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